11/28 – University Field Trip to Houston Baptist University at 10 a.m.

BEI facilitates educational trips to University campuses every cycle. We enable International students in making the right choice to select the right University/College. Last cycle, we visited Texas Southern University (TSU), and it was interesting to witness how students felt about the campus. Their excitement and enthusiasm could be felt when they asked questions about their specialized fields of study. In this era of technology it’s not difficult to get the information about an educational institution via internet, but BEI recognizes that campus visits are very crucial in understanding and pursing career goals.

This cycle BEI has organized a University field trip to Houston Baptist University (HBU). Once on campus, you will go through an orientation process and learn about the University and later you can tour campus and visit the academic department of your choice to get hands on information.

How do I sign up?

Register at BEI’s front desk with your name, level and contact information.

November 17, 2016

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